Crescent Baptist School was started in 1993 by Dr William and Mrs. Linda Brown as an on campus private school serving the Coastal Georgia area and housed K thru 12th grade. Dr. Brown Serving as Pastor of Crescent Baptist Church, felt the need for a Christian based educational facility in this rural area.

In 1994, the school was moved from the small facility it shared with Crescent Baptist and became Cornerstone Christian Church and School.

It had humble beginnings as the first location was formerly a Service Station that had been vacant for years before being transformed to a useful facility for the School.

From a handful of students of various ages the school quickly gained the support of local Christians in the area and enrollment steadily climbed

With the help of many of its Church and Community Members a new location was selected not far from the renovated service station it had used, and a new facility was built, housing both Cornerstone Christian Church and class rooms for the school.

In 1996, Dr. Brown started the correspondence school in an attempt to help busy adults get their High School Diplomas through Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School. Cornerstone also had as a ministry a free Bible School for anyone that desired it.

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School has served thousands of people all around the world since 1996 with an affordable alternative for those seeking Their High School Diploma with very little intrusion to their daily lives. Simply put, there is no substitute for a traditional High School Diploma from a traditional school, but we at Cornerstone are here to help you or a loved one in any way that we can, make a new start with renewed confidence.

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is privately accredited through The Accrediting Commission International (ACI)
.in Sarasota, Florida, the Worlds Largest Non-Governmental Accrediting Agency.
Cornerstone Ministries & Christian School, Inc. 15938 US Hwy. 17 Townsend, Georgia 31331   912.832.3834